Welcome to Adulthood


TCU Alumni Class of 2017.


I’m still trying to wrap my head around the concept of that……it’s been almost a month since I walked the stage to receive a half million dollar piece of paper (maybe exaggerating….maybe not…it is TCU after all ($$$)).

That day was full of graduations for me. My graduation was in the evening, but I had friends who were graduating in the morning and afternoon. Every time someone I knew walked the stage, I cheered so loudly that the people around me probably didn’t appreciate it. Did I care? Not really. My friends and I were graduating. I’ll do as much cheering as I want.

When it was my turn to graduate, I couldn’t help but think “OMG this is happening…is this really happening? This is happening…OMG”. During line up, I saw all my Kinesiology classmates, some friends, and some people I hadn’t talked to since freshman year. Looking around at everyone in their cap and gown was kinda mind blowing considering where we all started. A wise man named Drake once said, “We started from the bottom, now we’re here”. Those words couldn’t ring more true to me in that moment.

Four Horn Frogs ❤

Walking out of graduation, diploma in hand, I was overcome with emotion. I started tearing up a bit (shocker I know). All that hard work, stress, ups, downs, lessons, and more had led to this. I can’t believe that its over. I saw one of my closest friends and nearly squeezed the dear life out of her. This chapter of my life was over. Did I want it to be? Yes….and no…..I don’t know.

The hat that’s circled? Yeah thats me on a graduation highlight on NBC 😀

Reality hit quick for me. I started my new job as an Exercise Specialist later the next week. Do I get much of a summer? No, but I’d would rather dive into and adjust to my new life before I get too comfortable with doing nothing. Plus, I get bored pretty easy.

The first week was rough….not that is was bad in the sense that my job is hard. It was rough in the sense that this is my first full time job and adjusting to working 40 hours a week. Definitely something I’m not used to. My coworkers have been AWESOME with me though and have played a big part in helping me make the adjustment to becoming a working woman.

Perk of being the newbie: got to try an outdoor yoga class 🙂

I also moved away from Fort Worth. 😦 I needed to move to be closer to my job (and I was not about to continue commuting 45 minutes on I-35 for five days a week). I was super sad to leave everyone in Fort Worth. The days leading up to the move were full of emotional goodbyes and last hurrahs. On the bright side though I’m living with my college bestie. She makes up for all the goodbyes I had to make to people. We’re also excited to get to explore the new town that we’re living in.

The last workout at the place that changed my life 😥
Thanks for the memories ❤


Bye weight room bestie 😥

So to give you a basic recap: I graduated from college with a BA in Kinesiology-Health & Fitness, started my job as an Exercise Specialist, and moved to a new town….all within one month. I don’t know about you but just reading that makes me exhausted. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to learn how to do new stuff like setting up utilities for an apartment or signing up for insurance benefits. Thank goodness that my roommate was a math major because I don’t know how I would do most of this stuff without her. Now that it’s been a month, I feel like I’ve adjusted to working 40 hour work weeks. I’m getting to know my coworkers and they are slowly becoming my new work family.

I have more adventures to come I suppose. Well I guess I shouldn’t suppose I’ll have more adventures. I KNOW more adventures are coming. What they will be? I have no idea. Only the big man upstairs knows. I might change jobs, move to another state, fall in love, fall out of love, etc…who knows what could happen? Change is scary but it’s inevitable. Trying to avoid it doesn’t help. If anything it causes more anxiety and fear. NOT a good combination my friends. I have been guilty of avoiding change. I don’t do it as much as I used too but from time to time (in the right circumstances) that anxiety and fear of change takes over.


How about this? If I embrace change full force, will you do the same? Change is scary but it can be a wonderful thing. And if it doesn’t turn out the way you want, what did you learn from it? There is always opportunity to learn from unfortunate circumstances.

So if you’re hesitating about something, do something about it. Don’t wait for change or avoid it all together. Take the bull by the horns. Go forth, conquer and I will do the same.


❤ Marls




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