Thank you Cassey

I’m sitting in Starbucks right now eavesdropping on two high school girls quiz each other on the muscles of the body…the basic ones…

Oh when life was easier…


Spring Break finally came….



This semester has kept me so busy….busier than last semester. However, its been an odd combination of stress and happiness…..anxiety and joy….tears and memory making…

Does that make sense?

I didn’t think so…it makes no sense to me either….

On a happy note: I attended a Pop Pilates Instructor training a few weeks ago and it was one of the best days of my life ūüôā


AMAZING people, AMAZING instructor, and just an over all AMAZING day ‚̧

I had been contemplating becoming certified ever since Cassey Ho (creator of Pop Pilates) created a certification program. When I saw online that there was going to be a training in the DFW area, I jumped on board! Cassey’s body positive message has been one that has had a lasting impact on my recovery. Love your body for what it can do…NOT by what it looks like.

I saw on Instagram a few days ago a post by a Pop Pilates instructor that perfectly sums up what I want to do with my future career in fitness:

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 4.10.49 PM

THIS is exactly why I want to pursue a career in the fitness industry.


All that’s left now is to make a final evaluation video and send it to the Pop Pilates program directors. Then they let me know if I passed!

OMG OMG OMG…its both exciting and nerve racking at the same time!

Oh wow… now 3 girls just walked in and I SWEAR they are the epitome of “The Plastics” from mean girls. One of them is complaining about her parents¬†but she can “totally like do whatever the hell” she wants because she has a phone, a car, a debit card…..

Sweetie those things can EASILY be taken away…..JUST SAYIN’

Has anyone else tried people watching at Starbucks?

It’s quite entertaining!

I know…I’m rambling….my friends and family wouldn’t be surprised by this…

ANYWAYS back to what I was talking about before….

If you haven’t heard of Cassey Ho before, check out¬†Blogilates. Not only are her workouts fun, but she is also such an inspiring person. She has been such a driving force behind my recovery. She promotes a body positive message that has really helped me come to terms with how I look and also who I am.

She has this infectious bubbly personality that is completely real. She doesn’t hold back and she doesn’t apologize for who she is. When I was at the Pop Pilates training, the instructors totally embodied this. At the end of the day, we went around in a circle and said the most important thing we took away from today. I said that “it’s okay to let out my inner crazy”. Most people see me as this very serious person, which I am. But my close friends know that there is a bubbly side to me! For so long I felt too shy to let other people see this side of me. I still am pretty shy about it, but I think I’m slowly coming out of my shell.

Cassey has also helped me embrace my new body. She recently¬†came out about her eating disorder. This goes to show eating disorders aren’t that uncommon and they need to be talked about more. She embraces her body for how strong it is and what it can do. That kind of confidence in her body shows and I think she looks great. Its helped me learn to love my own body for how strong and powerful it is. I mean, I just deadlifted 120 pounds the other day!¬†I think that’s pretty bad a**! I could not have done that without all the muscles and fat on my body now.

Will I ever be a size 24 again? Pssssh no! Do I have days where I feel like stuffed sausage in my jeans? Hell yeah, but I’m only human!!! Geez!!! I am NEVER going to be that insecure, depressed, underweight girl EVER again.

Life is too short to be worrying about what other people think all the time.

And to not eat food…like dark chocolate….and peanut butter…and pretzels….just to name a few ;D

I hope I can spread my own self discovery to other people through my future career.

Thank you, Cassey, for helping me learn to love myself.

‚̧ Marlee




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