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Y’all, I could not be more happy to be home on break than I am right now. I was so close to ripping my hair out of my head by its roots because of the amount of stress that I was experiencing towards the end of the semester.



Oh…and to top it all off….I PASSED ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY 1!!!!! 😀

Did I get an A? Hell no. But, I’ll take what I got. I passed and that’s all that matters to me! 🙂 Now on to A&P 2 next semester…… 😦

It’s been forever since I wrote a post. For this one I thought I would share some of my favorite links. I like looking at these from time to time when I’m bored or need a break. Some of them are funny, some are inspirational, some are just random…..

I hope you enjoy!

“Advice for my 20-Year-Old Self” by Fit Foodie Finds

This is one of many food/health/lifestyle blogs that I look at on a daily basis. This post really hit home for me being that I’m currently 20 years old. Like me, Lee has also over come an eating disorder and so a lot of her experiences I can relate to. In this post, there were a lot of good reminders to me to respect my body, be my weird self, and to relax.

Jennifer Hudson Carpool Karaoke

My mom showed me this video one time when I was in desperate need of a laugh. Boy did it work. I was laughing so hard my gut was hurting! And I still have the same reaction ever time that I watch it! There are dozens of videos like this with different singers, but this one is my favorite! 😀

Susan Cain: The power of introverts-TED Talk

I had never seen a TED Talk before until I started college and now I’m obsessed with them. TED talks cover a HUGE range of topics, each of which are interesting to listen to. I especially like this one because I consider myself to be an introvert and I’ve struggled accepting it. However, Cain informs her audience on just how amazing introverts really are. For all the introverts (like me 🙂 ), this is a good reminder that there is nothing wrong with us. We are extraordinary people and it’s okay to show the world just how awesome we are!

What happens when American Football Players play musical chairs

Don’t ask questions. Just watch it and prepare to laugh hysterically.

Sam Berns: My philosophy for a happy life- TED Talk

Another excellent TED talk. This young man is such an inspiration to me. I first saw this video when I was beginning my recovery. I was going through a lot of other personal stress outside my ED. Despite all his challenges, Berns shares how he leads a positive life. I have shared this video with my family because I believe he is a good reminder to anyone going through a hard time that life does get better.

“Why not to go on a diet” by immaEATthat

Not only is this probably my FAVORITE blog for many reasons, but this post is particular is absolutely AMAZING. We’re getting to that time of year where everyone is making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, go on a diet, etc…. But what irritates me is that eating healthy doesn’t mean eating less. Depriving yourself of food that your craving only hurts you in the long run. By not listening to your body and what its craving, you’re never satisfied and it can lead to a cycle of disordered eating. If you really want to eat better, intuitive eating is the way to go. Intuitive eating is all about listening to your body’s hunger cues and respecting them. Intuitive eating is something I believe everyone should do. Food shouldn’t have rules. Food is supposed to be enjoyed.

“Watch This Female Powerlifter Crush Fitness Stereotypes”- Greatist

Too often I hear, “you’re strong for a girl”. I hate that. What is “strong for a girl” supposed to be? Girls are expected to not lift a lot of weight and be small. As the girl in this video, Molly Kelly, says “I’m just strong”. Well said indeed.

Jackie Kuczynski:”Why Gaining 17 Pounds Was Such a Positive Experience”- Spoon University

To gain weight, the key is that you have to WANT IT. This girl sure did want it and because she did she gained 17 pounds, restoring her pre ED weight. I am proud to say that I too have restored my pre ED weight. I have gained a total of 27 pounds. And you know what? I love me 27 pounds heavier. Clothes fit better (length is still a problem though 😦 #shortpeopleproblems), I look better, I feel stronger, and I acutally feel healthier. Was it easy gaining that weight back? HELL NO. After two years of a lot of tears and sweat, I’ve finally gotten my body back and its stronger than ever. Do I wake up every morning and think “I LOVE MY BODY”? No, but I’m only human! I’m learning to love myself more every day and thats much better than tearing myself apart.

Happy New Year Everyone! 😀




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