Keeping my head on




Go to class(es)






Study or watch TV (if I can…)



This has been my life lately. All my friends that are juniors in college like me agree that this is probably the most stressful year we’ve ever had. Sure the first two years were pretty stressful. But this year its like *BOOM* “HERE’S YOUR WORK. DO IT RIGHT OR FAIL.”


Some weeks are good….and then I have my hell weeks where I have papers, assignments, and exams all scheduled into one week. The amount of work that I’ve had this semester is mind boggling…and I’m only taking 13 hours of classes this semester.

Anatomy & Physiology 1 has definitely been a big source of stress. I learned that I literally can’t go a single day without looking over material from class.


SIMPLY is the key word in this meme. Yes its possible to get an A but if you do… must have a photographic memory or something. There is SOOOOO much material to remember. Lots of long unpronounceable words, long processes, different regions, types of cells, different tissues…..the list goes on and on………

I’m not gonna lie….I’ve had an emotional breakdown at least 2-3 times per week the past couple of weeks. We had fall break a few weeks ago, which was nice, but it needed to be longer.

To combat the stress, I still have my hour or so in the mornings where I work out and I forget all my stress and worries. I’m still cooking which also makes my stress a little bit more bearable. Talking to my parents and my brother help as well with my stress. I try to leave some time for myself at night before bed to decompress and relax. Also spending time with my friends, whether it be skyping with my childhood BFF or going to brunch with one of my TCU besties, helps make me laugh and smile πŸ™‚



It’s hard to keep a good head on my shoulders but I’m doing the best I can. I have wonderful family, friends, and faith to keep my sane. Before I know it, it’ll be time for winter break and I’ll have time to reset my head πŸ™‚ I need to remind myself that the stress is only temporary and that everything is going to be okay.

Have a lovely weekend friends πŸ™‚

❀ Marlee


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